On a market  increasingly attentive to environmental issues ,
personal health and well-being, Officina della Cucina Italiana has always sought innovative
materials and Technologies,which improve the quality of  products, refining techniques
and work processes , to reduce consumption and pollution levels. The application
of processes such as use of  99,5% pure aluminum (completely recyclable material), the application of
high strength, eco-compatible coatings completely PFOA free , the development  of functional and ergonomic accessories,are guarantee for a consumer health and safeguarding of the environment. Officina Della Cucina Italiana also promotes respect for the environment by regularly modernising its products and processes,anticipating Sector legislative standards to ensure ever-increasing attention on health and safety.


Always mindful of the regulations governing in the sector, Officina Della Cucina
Italiana is a company adequate to the UNI EN ISO 9001, normative guaranteeing
the highest quality of products and services. Furthermore, considering
fundamental the protection of the environment, Officina Della Cucina Italiana
is certified according to UNI EN ISO 14001 and takes actions to protect those
values, promoting the use of residual materials, with a great use of recyclable
products and renewable energies. Thus, Officina della Cucina Italiana set as goal
to keep up of the highest quality standards, the refinement of its manufacturing
processes and products, by researching and identifying new innovative technologies
and materials, providing highly functional and safe products, raising the awareness of
its employees, suppliers and partners on the importance to contribute to the protection
of the environment and people’s health, acting in all company levels in complete
accordance with the highest ethical and social